Your selfless gift of time can make a huge positive impact in the life of a stranger

Give a little of yourself twice a month

Volunteers are making a difference in our community every day of the year. Contact Concern’s comprehensive volunteer training includes information on area agencies, services, programs and support groups.

There are classes to teach communication techniques and special listening skills so our students are equipped with the skills necessary to become telephone Helpline volunteers.

If you would like to volunteer with Contact Concern, reach out to us today! Classes can be offered for groups or individuals who express an interest in becoming a telephone Helpline volunteer. The training schedule is fits to YOUR needs.

Volunteering doesn’t require all of your free time

Once you’ve completed the training, volunteers are asked to complete just two
4-hour shifts per month! The Helpline is operated from 9:00 AM – 9:00 PM
Monday-Friday 365 days a year so it’s easy to find a shift that will fit into your schedule. Volunteers man three (3) phone shifts per day.

1st Volunteer Shift 9am-1pm
2nd Volunteer Shift 1pm-5pm
3rd Volunteer Shift 5pm-9pm

Volunteers, please call the center to see when you could fill any of the openings.
(423) 246-2273